Kelman Legal Solutions was founded to provide cutting-edge legal counsel to entrepreneurs, businesses, and investors in the digital economy. We understand the unique challenges digital commerce poses since we are a part of it. We embrace technology and the freedom it gives us to transact business from anywhere. We believe in privacy and are fluent in using encryption to secure data and communications. With the proper counsel, your business can obtain the legal foundation it needs to grow. Let us be your legal solution.


Attorney Profile

Daniel started his career working on commercial litigation matters in New York. He left to run an established e-commerce retail business and returned to private practice a year later to focus on trademark disputes and commercial transactions. In the wake of the 2014 MtGox bankruptcy, Daniel went to Tokyo where he lived for a year representing the interests of creditors. Daniel was a co-founder of BitOcean, which sought to purchase MtGox out of bankruptcy, and WizSec , a blockchain analysis and security company which has led the investigation into the disappearance of MtGox's bitcoins.  He continues to represent clients in the Bitcoin world and e-commerce entreprenuers.  He spends most of his time in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Bar Admission: New York

Education: CUNY Queen's College, B.A., Brooklyn Law School, J.D.

Languages: Mandarin Chinese, minimum professional proficiency

Practice Areas

Commercial Transactions

Transactions in the digital economy often take place in an international setting, which makes planning for dispute resolution all the more important. Whether you are selling a domain name, hiring software developers, buying a business or preparing for a simple transaction, we can ensure you get what you bargain for.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Sometimes you need to fight. We'll work with you to plan for fights before they start, and step in to take action when it's time. We draft agreements to ensure disputes are resolved in cost-effective online arbitration and draw on an international network of established law firms to obtain local expertise and representation in court.

IP Licencing & Offshoring

If you have rights in software, clothing designs, photography, graphic art, written content, branding or other IP, we'll help you exploit them for profit. We can negotiate and reduce to paper the acquisition or license of other IP rights your business needs. We'll also advise on how to offshore your IP to afford greater protection to intangibles and reduce tax liability.

Trademark and Copyright

In an era when anyone can cut and paste, every business in the digital economy needs to have an IP protection strategy. Smaller enterprises face so-called "trademark bullies" who seek to intimidate them into relinquishing IP rights. Whether you're protecting or securing IP rights, we'll take care of you. We offer flat rates on a host of trademark and copyright registration services.

Bitcoin and Blockchain

Few lawyers understand Bitcoin or blockchain technology. We have been involved in the Bitcoin/blockchain space for years, work with some of the best-known players in the industry and played an important role representing creditor interests in the MtGox bankruptcy and investigating the hacking incident. Whether you are a company in the Bitcoin/blockchain space, a law firm seeking expertise, or a business crafting a Bitcoin/blockchain strategy, Kelman Legal Solutions is uniquely equipped to guide you.


Whether you are looking for terms of service to protect against chargebacks, privacy policies that allow you to make use customer data, or just seeking an SSL certificate, Kelman Legal Solutions can advise. We have experience working with ISPs, online marketing specialists, website and content developers, SaaS providers, infosec companies and more.

Company Formation and Corporate Matters

Plan for the worst, hope for the best. We counsel entrepreneurs starting new ventures on internal issues that may arise and craft solutions to handle them beforehand. We also counsel shareholders of existing companies in corporate governance matters. From minority shareholders facing a freeze-out to board members concerned about conflicts of interests, we will help enforce your rights and protect your interests.

General Counsel Services

It's important to have counsel who understands your business and unique challenges, but it's also important to not staff a full-time lawyer when you don't need one. We act as outside general counsel to a number of businesses in the digital economy, ranging from well-known names in the Bitcoin space to clothing boutiques in China selling online to Western markets.


From time to time we publish articles at Bitcoin.com and elsewhere on legal issues affecting crypto-currency.

Here’s Why Bitfinex is Not Like MtGox - Bitcoin.com - August 7, 2016

The DAO’s Existential Crisis: Bitcoin Still Not Affected - Bitcoin.com - June 24, 2016

Origin of the Sheriff-Friendly Clauses of CPLR Sections 208 and 215 - Originally Published in the New York State Bar Association Journal - September 24, 2010


Our work has been covered by the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, CoinDesk, 8BTC and others.

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